Student Competition

Technology based AI & IoT Creative Competition

  1. Description of the overall competition

The International Students Technology based Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) Competition (hereinafter referred to as the competition) is technological development activities by independent and group scientific of undergraduate student; it is an important part of quality education, It is an effective way and an important carrier to promote students to enhance their innovative spirit, creative ability and teamwork awareness; it is an important platform for showing students’ creative and innovative achievements. In the new era, young people are a new generation of innovative spirits, a new force for innovation, and an important human resource for country’s future development. Participating in the competition conforms to the law of cognition of young people and is conducive to the cultivation of young people’s innovative consciousness.

The competition is divided into two stages: preliminary evaluation and final evaluation. The preliminary evaluation will be conducted online for submission and evaluation of works. The specific competition arrangements for each final evaluation will be published on the official website of the competition after the results of the preliminary evaluation are released.

  1. Work creation requirements

(a) Original works: The work must be original by the author without copyright disputes. If suspected of plagiarism or infringement of the copyright of others is found, all qualifications for award evaluation will be cancelled. In case of copyright disputes involving original works, the applicant shall bear the responsibility.

(b) Innovation and creation: The works are bright in theme, unique in creativity, novel in expression, ingenious in conception, and give full play to imagination.

(c) Conceptual design: The work is well-conceived, the content theme is clear, and there is a beginning and an end; creativity comes from learning and life, active and healthy, reflecting the age, mental characteristics and playful thinking of young people.

(d) User experience: The viewing or operation process is simple, without complicated and redundant steps; the human-computer interaction is smooth, and the user experience is good.

(e) Artistic aesthetics: The beautiful interface and reasonable layout give people aesthetic pleasure and enjoyment; the characters are vivid and rich, the animation effects are coordinated and natural, and the music and sound effects are used properly; the materials used have practical meaning and fully express the theme.

(f) Procedure technology: Use programming techniques reasonably and correctly, the program runs stably, smoothly, and efficiently, without obvious errors; the program structure is reasonably divided, the code is written in a standardized, clear and easy-to-read; complex calculation problems are solved through multiple and reasonable algorithms, and the program is rich in effects.

Scoring item Competition description Scores
technical System architecture, technical route (hardware selection) 20
Programming level, code efficiency, program flow chart 20
Finished product, finished effect 20
Innovation Creative practicality, social benefits, promotion value 20
Normative Standardization and explanation level of documents, PPT, video and other submitted materials 20

III. Work application requirements

  1. The requirements for the description of related works are as follows:
  • Creative inspiration and design ideas.
  • Team member introduction and work division description.
  • At least 5 steps of the production process, each step includes at least one picture and brief text description, PPT file can be produced.
  • Program flow chart, programming code and code description or comments.
  • The appearance and function of the finished product are introduced, and necessary instructions are provided.
  1. Work demonstration video. Record related video files, including:
  • Design ideas, research process, and fully demonstrate the design and functions of the work.
  • Time: within 2 minutes.
  • Format: MP4, the video size cannot exceed 100M.
  1. Wiring diagram, need to submit pictures in JPG or PNG format.
  2. The original statement, including the entry agreement, agrees to the competition organizing committee to publicly display the entries.

The above four requirements need to be packaged into a compressed file: the file name should be submitted online in the form of “country + group name + work name”.

Students Committee:

Project Officer : Wildan Awaludin
Vice Project Officer : Luthfi Daffa Ardana
Secretary : Fadhil Amarrilo Tsasami
Treasurer : Hudan Fadhilah
Event : Theofilus Tjipar Mikhaelo
Public Relation : Ditra Ikhsannulhakim
Media : Sean Julius Lasse